Sunday, December 11, 2011

See ya!

Hey people, i've create a new blog to replace this one. Do check it out here. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 2 continuation

Balinese people like to fly kites. Can see kites of all shapes throughout the whole journey.

People selling stuffs(foods, toys, clothes) outside the restaurant. Once we're outside the restaurant these people just kept swarming around you.

Two of the ah maS, the one on the left was my family's least favorite(haha i know i know..) kept on refusing to buy the stuff sold by the boy. Our tour guide warned us not to buy from them cause they might cheat. One of the old ladies(my family's favorite among them all, er...nvm), she bought stuff from one of the kids, and got cheated(if i've not mistaken, the kid grabbed her money and ran, what do you call that, robbery?). Apparently that woman was pretty clever. She told one of the "salesman's" partner that she took photo of the robber and will report to the police(which she didn't). After awhile the money was returned. Clever right?

Random construction shot.

One of the restaurants there.

A shop selling paintings, pretty classic.

A Hindu statue i guess, background is the highest mountain in Bali, Gunung Agung.

An abandoned house.

On the left is mount Batur, still active volcano. The dark area is where lava used to flow out, causing the ground to be burnt. On the right is lake Batur. kit lens is just not sharp.

Another shot of the lake.

Went to a coffee plantation farm, well yeah, there are people selling stuff there too.

The place is famous for its civet cat coffee(you'll see what is it later). The coffee is really expensive, probably much more expensive than Starbuck's. And guess what, the coffee beans are collected from the poo of the civet cat, then cleaned and baked.

See those lumps? Ah, humans...hahaha

Here's the star, the civet cat.

Day 2 to be continued again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Bali-Day 2

Sorry for the delay, been quite busy these days. :/ Day two started with breakfast at the hotel. Tried some Indonesian or rather Balinese food.

Some fried "kuih".

After breakfast, before moving on to meet our tour guide, we came across a drink stall.
Of course, it was traditional Balinese drink.

This is how my sis reacted.

These are the ingredients used to make the drink. Cocktail of rice,ginger, pepper, meant for pregnant women.hahaha

Here's a pic of the guide showing us that day's journey.

Along the way, you can see sculptures like these, stone-carved.

Stopped by a gas station for a leak. Apparently, if i've not mistaken, biofuels were available at the petrol stations!

Went to a batik processing factory. The place was filled with tourists!

Moving on to visit silversmiths. Hmm, apparently most of the crafts people are actually women.

House like this is the trademark of Bali.haha

Random shot taken along the journey. It was quite a long one, around 2-3 hours i guess. Unfortunately our bus's air-conditioner was not well-maintained. Can smell carbon monoxide, especially at the place where im sitting. Makes me real dizzy.

Another pit stop at a souvenir shop for leak(you know, a bunch of ah maS) and shopping. Our destination was Kintamani where you can see Batur Lake and active volcano mount Batur.

Had our lunch in a restaurant perched high up. The weather was rather cold for

You can see these "flags" along the roads of Bali only during certain time of the year if im not wrong, during certain religious event.
To be continued...haha sorry again! :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bali-Day 1

Well, day one was just Kuching airport--->KLIA--->Denpasar,Bali airport--->Dinner--->Harris Riverview hotel---> sleep. Flight from KL to Bali takes about 3hours. Local time at Bali is same as local Malaysian time.

Shooting out the plane's window using a polarizing filter and this is what i get.hahah

Flying over one of the Java island's volcano! the scene was breathtaking!

Sunset taken in the clouds.

We reached Denpasar about 7.30pm and were greeted with flower garlands put around our neck. The smell of the flower was heavy, made us sneeze non-stop.haha There, we joined a group of 8 female senior citizens from KL(quite unlucky?) for our tour.The tour group basically just consists of my family,the 8 ah maS(let me call them this), the tour guide and the driver. Hopped on to a mini bus, which was the vehicle for our whole journey, and headed for dinner at a place called Malioboro. It's famous for fried chicken and fish where the bones become crispy enough to be eaten together!

Petai fried with sambal anchovies.

The famous fried chicken.

Fried fish wrapped in "flour net".

The dinner was pretty expensive. Spent about RM80 for this three small dishes, some steamed rice and drinks. After dinner we were sent to our hotels.We stayed at Harris Riverview Kuta, while the ah maS stayed at Lavender hotel.

A double bed room where i spent my three nights at Bali. A family of four would require two rooms. The rooms were quite beautiful with orange and light green as the hotel's trademark colour.haha

Sunrise at the hotel.

That's all for day 1, i'll post some more after i've done processing them!=)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Performance night!

Oops, i made a mistake, it was CPA not CAP.eheh..We changed the song back to Run. The singer is still the singer and im still the guitarist. My sis became violist and the drummer became the bassist. We just did 3 or 4 full practices before we perform. The performance was not really good.haha. The intro was ok, the verse part became slow.Thankfully i didnt panic. Singing was a bit soft. so probably call it a disaster?hahaha. I couldn't post videos here.It just take too long=/I didnt bring my cam its lousy pics..

the crowd.
The bassist. It was a black and white dinner btw. Kinda boring actually.. sorry for this boring post =/

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally Back!

Tomorrow school starts so i have no time to post pictures of my previous trip.:/ probably post them after couple of weeks. Going to perform for the first time during Swinburne CAP conference this coming Sunday.

I dont know what's that, my sis just asked me to join her. So we formed a band called "Melodeem". Er, i didnt suggest that name.hahah!Just a simple band of four, with my sis as pianist,a drummer and me as guitarist. The singer is of course not me! Im a self taught "guitarist"(yeah right) just acoustic and classical. Been playing for 3.5 years now. Hopefully i dont do something embarrassing.:/ Initially we were planning of performing "Run" by Snow Patrol, which was easier. But my sis changed to "Breakeven" by The Script. We havent practice with other band members yet!!! Only going to start practicing with them
tomorrow. Finger's crossed!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Off to Bali tomorrow!

Well, i was encouraged by someone famous to blog(you know who i'm talking about ;) ). Haha, so here it is. Hope this time it's not too short, though it's still kinda short.=D haha

Was supposed to be in Bali last year end. Instead, this is what happened.

STUCK IN KL for more than one week!!

Typical KL city life..Paradise for my sis, torture for me. Shopping all day and night! Those days drive me crazy..

Here's what happened, our passports' expiry date was less than 6 months prior to our traveling period which is not allowed. So we rushed to customs office to renew. They put signs saying "passport renewal can be done in an hour", well, false hope! Waited for 3 hours++! Those people kept saying like machine broke down, misplaced our passport,... bla bla. Rushed back to check-in, but it was too late, missed the flight! Felt like we were in the amazing race.haha! Burnt some air tickets, hotel fees and tour fees. So guys, check your passport and make sure the expiry date is more than six months BEFORE your traveling period!

Ok enough of the talks, here's some idea i got before holidays. Just executed it few days ago. Which one's better? Titled "hatred burns".

or this

Gotta go! Happy holidays people!